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hunt for i5 killer

John Corbett in "Hunt For the I-5 Killer"; photo courtesy of Lifetime


Hunt For the I-5 Killer” (Lifetime) 
The Lifetime Channel has an entertaining original movie in “Hunt For the I-5 Killer.” All movies about serial killers draw an audience and this one will be no exception, especially with the casting of John Corbett in the lead role of Detective Dave Dominek. His innate likeability combined with the fact this movie is based on a true story makes this a credibly fascinating show.
Dominek is the detective called in to work the case when a murder and an attempted murder are committed in his area. Two young women have been attacked by a man with a bandage on his nose and wearing a hoodie jacket. One of the women was killed but the other miraculously survived. Her name is Beth (Sara Canning) and Dominek promises her he will bring this man to justice.
Meanwhile more and more murders occur and they all take place a short distance away from I-5 which runs up and down the Pacific coast states. The crimes seem to be occurring more and more frequently and Dominek is desperate to gather some evidence that will help him. A member of the FBI (Bo Derek) joins the team as a consultant but the killer remains unknown.
There have been numerous movies in the past like this one and so the cast has to make it one to watch. That is the reason John Corbett was cast and why Bo Derek has a cameo role. They make this a “serial killer” movie plus.
So tune in to Lifetime on October 2 at 8PM for an interesting movie made even more so by Corbett and Derek’s presence. But be prepared, Derek is only seen for a short time in the film. When I say she has a cameo role, I mean a cameo!


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