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"The Best Is Yet To Be" is a weekly installment of Jackie's views of living in the South and how it affects our mental, physical and spiritual lives. It is a celebration of life and points out the positive nature of the enjoyment the simple pleasures of life offer. It is a rendering of thoughts that are sad, funny, inspirational, and/or reflective. The overall theme is that life just keeps getting better and better.


“Go With the Flow”

A few nights ago I attended a concert at which Robert McDuffie performed. Mr. McDuffie is a native of Macon, Georgia and therefore “one of us.” I had previously heard him play at a private birthday party but had never heard him in concert. I did not have an inkling of what a magical night was in store for me but magical it was.

As Robert McDuffie performed it was as if the music flowed through him from above and then was cast out to those of us in the audience. His effort was effortless, and each stroke of the bow and each teasing of the fingers on the frets of his violin created a study in perfection. As he played the expression on his face was pure joy, as if he knew what was passing through him and how good it was.

I don’t believe there was a single person in that auditorium who was not touched by the music, was not touched by the joy emanating from that stage. It was a once in a lifetime experience, something that could never be recaptured though there may be other excellent performances in the future.

What is it about Robert McDuffie that he can be the channel for such a divine display of talent? Is it him; is it God; is it a combination of the two? For me, hearing the music was a spiritual experience. It reached inside me and touched my soul.

Shortly before the concert I had gone to the movies to see a film titled “The Words.” In this film one of the characters who is a writer talks about writing a novel in a single night. He states the words just flowed through him and on to the page. It was an amazing experience, a once in a lifetime experience. This character never experienced it again but in a very special way once was enough.

In my limited experience as a writer I have had those times when something took over my body and words flowed through me. I know that sounds eerie but I don’t mean it in some body snatcher way. It is just something flowing from above, flowing through my body and out through my fingers. It doesn’t happen often but it has happened more than once. I have talked to other writers and it has happened to them – and they can’t explain it either.

As a Christian I feel this is a God thing. He is the higher power from whom these gifts come. They flow from on high and down through us. I can’t explain it. It just happens. I doubt McDuffie can explain it.

My advice is when it does happen to you, and it very well might, just relax and embrace it – just go with the “flow.”



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