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Cover of PACIFIC GLORY; photo courtesy of St Martin's Press


PACIFIC GLORY by P T Deutermann

PACIFIC GLORY is a novel about the Pacific battles of World War II. As written by P T Deutermann this is the most realistic approach to wartime that I have read in some time. The battles described in this book are brutal and bloody and death and maiming are common occurrences. Deutermann goes for the gut as he tells what this war was really like and not some sanitized version of what we want it to be.

The book focuses on three people. There is Mick McCarty, a Naval pilot; Marsh Vincent, an officer on a Navy ship; and Glory Lewis, a nurse assigned to duty in Hawaii. Marsh, Mick and Tommy Lewis were classmates at Annapolis. They were all three in love with the beautiful Glory Hawthorne but it was Tommy who won her heart. Now Tommy has been killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor and Glory is once again available.

The lives of Marsh, Mick and Glory intersect but not in an illogical way. They are all three based in the Pacific and thus have assignments that take them to the same locations. Plus a lot of the book deals with their individual lives when they are not interacting.

The big draw of the book is its war scenes. Mick’s actions as a fighter pilot get him involved in some truly harrowing experiences. Deutermann describes all of the fears and skills involved with his war duties in accurate detail. The reader feels as though he/she is seeing the action from a front row seat. Add to these experiences those of Marsh on different ships that attack and are attacked and you have more harrowing drama than you can absorb.

If you are a history buff, and especially if you are obsessed with World War II action, you will not want to miss this story. It is reminiscent of the power of  FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, BATTLE CRY and THE NAKED AND THE DEAD.

The impact of World War II was massive and this story by P T Deutermann gives us a glimpse as to why.

PACIFIC GLORY is published by St Martin’s Press. It contains 400 pages and sells for $25.99.


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